Ravid Institute

Mammography, Ultra-sound and women's health

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Ravid institute for breast imaging and woman's health is an excellence center for breast cancer examinations. The institute is managed by Michal Ravid, MD, a leading physician in performing and reading breast imaging studies.

Ravid institute gives a full solution for breast cancer diagnosis and specializes in complicated cases which demand high quality of reading. Our institute also performs minimal invasive procedures such as needle biopsies, surgical marks and ductography.

All of Ravid institute staff members are English speakers.

Our waiting time is minimal, due to high end equipment and a unique work flow which allow immediate diagnosis with no compromise on exam quality while maintaining ultra low dose levels.

Dr. Ravid personally examines each patient and personally hands out and explains diagnosis immediately after the procedure.

Ravid institute has consulting agreements with most of Israel's HMOs and insurance companies, so valuable refunds are possible for most types of exams.

Dr. Michal Ravid

Mammography is an unpleasant examination, accompanied by a lot of stress and in many cases – a long, nerve racking waiting period. For more than twenty years I did my best to deliver peace of mind to my patients through professional examinations, personal treatment and minimal waiting time. Ravid institute carries the most advanced breast imaging equipment in the country. My staff is experienced and efficient, thus my patients go through professional and reliable examinations at remarkable reading quality.